Freetime-Online for Agents

Golf tour operators; events organisers; local hotels.

Every golf club will deal with third parties who arrange golf at their course for clients.

These ‘agents’ can be a key driver in green fee income.

Freetime-Online provides these trusted partner organisations with a fully secure area, with up to date and real time booking opportunities to operate their relationship with you from.

The easier you make it for them to conduct business with you – the more likely they are to conduct business with you.

They can use Free time-Online to see their future bookings (however they were made) to check dates, numbers, charges and any payments they have already made, 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. So when your office or booking operation is closed. It is open for your agents. Freetime-Online and YOU are making their job easier.

Freetime-Online can accommodate a number of preloaded packages which would include green fee rate and food options, give the ability to add in any additional sale items you wish - Buggies etc.

The agent is not asked to make any online payment to secure the booking. The club is simply notified that the booking has taken place and can then collect the money in the way they always have done and under the terms you have agreed with these companies.

This avoids the cost of online (credit card) payments and at the same time does not burden the agent with out of pocket upfront costs.

Save them time and money.

Save you time and money.

Build a better relationship.

Increase your business from this type of client.

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