Freetime-Online for Members

The member’s area of Freetime-Online is an extension of the Golf Club online.

It provides a wide array of functions for the members; all of which are aimed at improving service levels for the member and saving the Club time, money and inconvenience.

What a Freetime online member’s area gives you:

Security: Single login, password protected area.

Opportunity: The online section provides a greater level of democracy and transparency in the Club’s activities, which allows a wider spectrum of the membership to feel involved.

Convenience: Members self serve, they book tee times, enter competitions, check draws and results from the comfort of their,home, office or phone. They don’t make multiple calls to the Club, the information they need is there for them.

Accessibility: No longer do people have to visit or contact the Club to make arrangements to play, or enter competitions. They can do it for themselves at their convenience. The easier it is the more people will do it.

Improved Communications: An oft heard phrase is ‘if you want hide something in a Golf Club put it on the notice board.’ With Freetime-Online, the information you want to get to yourmembers is there for them to see every time they enter the site.  

Whether you are trying to keep the members you have or get new members, Freetime-online gives you the platform and the tools to achieve this.

Enter the Freetime-Online Members Demonstration here.