Customer Registration and Payment

Freetime has always been about saving time and money for the club and providing it with the tools to provide excellent customer service.

Freetime's Customer Registration and Payment Facility is another innovation to achieve this.

Because we are actively invloved with our customers in the Golf Course, we understand that not all Clubs approach things the same way and that solutions which offer options and opportunities are the best way to help them achieve their aims.

This facility does this by providing  a simple and easy solution to the tricky question of online visitor booking.

The Customer Registration and Payment Facility offers an ability to firstly, make life easier and simpler for the visiting party/society organiser or just a simple visiting four ball to book and pay, in advance and with minimal effort and with greatly reduced staff involvement.

The organiser does all the work for you and you get the upfront money straight away.

You retain control of your diary and your availability. All you are doing is creating an opportunity for customers to pay. It is an add on to your exisitng systems.

An additional benefit is data, each of the individual participants, registers and pays, so you gain all of the information in order to market your club in the future.

The core elemental benefit is the same as we have always tried to make Freetime, less administration for the staff, easy to operate and saves/makes money for the club.

Customer Registration and Payment Facility does all these.

Let it do them for your Club