Freetime-Online for Visitors

Visitor Revenue is a key part of any club’s income.

Increasingly Online Booking is seen as critical to gaining this additional revenue and having an Online Booking facility vital for most clubs.

Online Booking alone, will not bring customers to you, a number of factors such as quality of course, price point, location and facilities are all influencing factors for the visiting golfer.

Golfers are no different from any other modern consumer,they are used to being served immediately, to searching for availability of product and being able to purchase at their convenience. It is the opportunity to tap into this which Freetime-Online provides.

What Freetime-Online offers you is:

  •        A simple to use online booking engine for visitors.

  •        An ability to collect valuable marketing data about all players via our Customer Registration andPayment facility.

  •        Full Integration with in house facilities. (Enables you to maximise visitor spend through bar and catering packages.)

  •        Credit card payment facilities witha variety of vendors.

The visitor booking facility plugs simply into your own website. It provides 24/7 access to a tee sheet you control.

Fundamentally it offers the opportunity to increase revenues and improve cash flow without increasing overheads.

Click here to try it for yourself.